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Conundrum: Either I have a Very Active Oversoul or…

An Over-Active Imagination It’s getting to the point of ridiculous: every time I pluck a name and memory out of the history books, I get a connection to me. Is this Egotism gone mad? In the case of Phineas Quimby, … Continue reading

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How I Became a Hypnotherapist (but only in the UK)

Successful Hypnotherapy (1984) After going through my own series of hypnotherapy sessions in 1989, I realized that I, too, could become one. All I had to do was find someone to teach me the methods. (And remember, in those days, … Continue reading

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Hypnotherapy: How to Come to Terms with Bulimia

An English Rose To protect the identity of my most important hypnotherapy client from 1991, I shall be using this euphemism. And by all accounts, it is an apt description. But she had a late teenage coping mechanism well into … Continue reading

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Do the Dead Come Back to Life Again?

Dead Again (1991) This is a Kenneth Branagh film with a twist in the tale: the two lovers return to new lives, but they switch roles. I’m not sure that ever happens in ‘real’ life, but as this story is … Continue reading

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How to “Hear”: Listen Without Judgment

  Hear, Here There is a simple solution to the problem of missed communication: instead of listening to formulate a response, try listening to understand the other person. Too often we want to appear clever to others, so we do … Continue reading

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How to “See”: Gaze Without Looking

  Scrying I was walking the dogs this morning, when a thought occurred to me: “gaze without seeing”. We had just crossed the road and a car was approaching. A cursory glance showed me that it was a Kia, and … Continue reading

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Dream Wordle

An Occupying Force For a number of months now, I’ve had a dream image that recurs quite regularly. As I’m waking up, I picture in my mind’s eye sentences of words written in black lettering. The words appear to be … Continue reading

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Events in my earlier years showed me that I had a need to help others in their time of need. This led, first, to my becoming an Astrologer and, later, a Hypnotherapist. Two poems demonstrate my earlier frustrations.     … Continue reading

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