How to “See”: Gaze Without Looking

Green eyed gaze

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I was walking the dogs this morning, when a thought occurred to me: “gaze without seeing”. We had just crossed the road and a car was approaching. A cursory glance showed me that it was a Kia, and nothing else. I couldn’t tell you whether the driver was male or female, what the colour of the car was, or even the licence plate numbers.

I had focused on the badge only, and didn’t see anything else. But I knew, in my mind, that my consciousness had captured the whole sequence without any effort on my part.

How do I know this? Because I am a hypnotherapist and one of the surprising things that happens during a session is the client’s ability to remember the slightest details of anything that is brought to mind by the process.

The term for this is “scrying”. It is the method with which Nostradamus was able to see into the future. It is also something that we often do, naturally, every day. We call it daydreaming.



Goal of meditation


If you have ever tried to meditate, everything tries to intrude on your quiet space: the noises of people and equipment; shopping lists for later; and memories from the past. You name it, and it will come to mind.

In the West, we think this means that we’ve failed to meditate properly. That is because we think our minds should be empty. So, when a thought impinges on our consciousness, we become obsessed.

A simple technique to overcome this tendency  is to view each thought as a boat on a river. Watch it go by, without jumping into the water and trying to swim towards it. I’ve written about this before here. But it bears repeating:




We’re taught from any early age that it’s rude to stare, and yet that is probably the best way to “see”. Have you ever watched someone looking into the ‘middle space’? They’re there in body, but not in spirit. They’re somewhere else.




Carlos Castaneda was taught by Don Juan that in order to catch sight of spiritual entities, he had to stare straight ahead, without seeing, and then become aware of energy in his peripheral vision.

We need to do the same. So, the next time you need to work something out, don’t focus on it: look somewhere else, and the answer will come to you, seemingly unbidden.


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