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Listen Very Carefully to the Sound of My Voice

Franz Anton Mesmer (May 23, 1734 – March 5, 1815) I have always wondered why this whole ‘thing’ about Mesmerism should be the cause of so much concern. Today, we call it Hypnosis, but in the early stages it was … Continue reading

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Conundrum: Either I have a Very Active Oversoul or…

An Over-Active Imagination It’s getting to the point of ridiculous: every time I pluck a name and memory out of the history books, I get a connection to me. Is this Egotism gone mad? In the case of Phineas Quimby, … Continue reading

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How I Became a Hypnotherapist (but only in the UK)

Successful Hypnotherapy (1984) After going through my own series of hypnotherapy sessions in 1989, I realized that I, too, could become one. All I had to do was find someone to teach me the methods. (And remember, in those days, … Continue reading

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These Marks Mean Nothing Now, But They Used To…

During My High School Years (1964-1969) This was me, 54 years ago. It’s my favourite photo of myself while I was still in my teens. But my picture is not the reason for today’s post. These Ontario Student Transcripts are: … Continue reading

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January 6th: Were They Incited by a Propaganda Movie?

Movie at the Ellipse During the “Save America March” Never underestimate the power of words when combined with ‘dog-whistle’ images. Trump’s 2017 Presidential Inauguration speech makes up the words, snap shots (worth a thousand words each) make up the images. … Continue reading

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See? I Told You We’d Been Programmed (back in the 60’s)

I’m a Canadian, so this didn’t directly involve me, but if the Americans were doing this way back when, I’ll lay odds that Canadian television had similar subliminal messages. When I was a kid, if you stayed up late enough … Continue reading

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Do the Dead Come Back to Life Again?

Dead Again (1991) This is a Kenneth Branagh film with a twist in the tale: the two lovers return to new lives, but they switch roles. I’m not sure that ever happens in ‘real’ life, but as this story is … Continue reading

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Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

The Holographic Universe I’m reading David Icke’s latest book, “Everything You Need To Know But Have Never Been Told”. On page 33, he repeats a story that he’s written about before. “I have told the story in other books which … Continue reading

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The Dream is Real

Inception (2010) Christopher Nolan is a special kind of filmmaker. As we saw in yesterday’s review, he isn’t afraid to tackle subject matter beyond this world. Outer space has long fascinated humans, but inner space is also unknown, and that’s … Continue reading

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Memory: Interrupted/Erased

Girl, Interrupted/Boy Erased No, I’m not going to write about these two films. They are here to reference the title of today’s post. In fact, I have not seen either of them. This post is about memory and how it … Continue reading

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