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An Eyewitness to Roman History (Circa 20 AD)

A Past Life Regression with Barbara Burgess (October 30, 2012) My first impression is of wearing sandals I’m wearing something loose-fitting, like a drape. Toga-like with a belt waist band Anything on your head? (long hesitation) a kind of crown: … Continue reading

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An Example of a Past-Life Regression: Through My Eyes

My Verbatim Notes, Written After the Session [Before I begin, I want to explain a couple of things. Before undergoing this regression, I had read Pierre Radisson’s journals covering his Voyages a few years previously. And the SAM referred to … Continue reading

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Mystery: Did Another Betty Go for a Ride in a UFO?

The Andreasson Affair This abduction had a totally different flavour to it: Christianity. Betty Andreasson in what would be several other prior alien encounters saw ‘the Lord’. Only under hypnosis did she remember. On the evening of 25th January 1967, … Continue reading

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Persistence Finally Pays Off in my Astrological Research

Drusus Julius Caesar (October 7, 13 BC – September 14, 23 AD) A good friend of mine spontaneously sent me a sketch (on May 11, 2016) that had been drawn by a women who assisted him in a past life … Continue reading

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Do the Dead Come Back to Life Again?

Dead Again (1991) This is a Kenneth Branagh film with a twist in the tale: the two lovers return to new lives, but they switch roles. I’m not sure that ever happens in ‘real’ life, but as this story is … Continue reading

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The Book of Life: an Akashic Record?

In 1984, my wife had a lucid dream that she shared with me upon waking. Since then, I’ve found echoes of her dream in others’ published works. This is what it seems to mean to me. Balancing Book On the … Continue reading

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