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An Eyewitness to Roman History (Circa 20 AD)

A Past Life Regression with Barbara Burgess (October 30, 2012) My first impression is of wearing sandals I’m wearing something loose-fitting, like a drape. Toga-like with a belt waist band Anything on your head? (long hesitation) a kind of crown: … Continue reading

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An Example of a Past-Life Regression: Through My Eyes

My Verbatim Notes, Written After the Session [Before I begin, I want to explain a couple of things. Before undergoing this regression, I had read Pierre Radisson’s journals covering his Voyages a few years previously. And the SAM referred to … Continue reading

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Have I Lived Before? Will I Live Again?

Reincarnation: The Wheel of Life. It’s a thorny issue for most folk. “If I lived before, how come I can’t remember?” (Cue: “The Twilight Zone” opening sequence.) “Imagine if you will living in a world where everyone remembers exactly who … Continue reading

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Hypnotherapy: a Personal Journey

There is a saying, “Life is a journey, not a destination”. This is mine: what I will attempt to do is connect the dots of the events along the route that became the spiritual signposts of my inner growth towards … Continue reading

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