Do the Dead Come Back to Life Again?


Dead Again (1991)

This is a Kenneth Branagh film with a twist in the tale: the two lovers return to new lives, but they switch roles. I’m not sure that ever happens in ‘real’ life, but as this story is a fantasy, I’ll just relax my critical thinking.

As a hypnotherapist who has also undergone past life regression, I know that people can be very creative in their story-telling. They’re not being dishonest, they’re just allowing their fanciful sides out. In many cases, the lives they ‘remember’ may be the heroes of their past come to life. Even I may have been susceptible to this tendency. But the thing to remember is that the ethos of a particular age does get exemplified by certain ‘stars’.

In reality, the truth may be stranger than fiction.

The Search for Bridey Murphy (1956)

I read this book in the 1960’s. It was a whodunit of the most interesting kind. But it was proven to be a case of cryptomnesia, as the subject, Virginia Tighe, had known an Irishwoman from her childhood who had told her tales of Ireland. Mrs Tighe remembered them in detail, under hypnosis, as an adult, while forgetting that anyone had told them to her.

But the effect of this story was that it brought to the public’s attention that reincarnation was a possibility.

What Dreams May Come (1998)

I featured this film previously, but in juxtaposition to Robin Williams’ life. In this story, there is no hypnotism, but the alternate ending can give an indication of how ‘next lives’ may be decided upon in the ‘time’ between lives.

(Please excuse the subtitles…)

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