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How I Became a Hypnotherapist (but only in the UK)

Successful Hypnotherapy (1984) After going through my own series of hypnotherapy sessions in 1989, I realized that I, too, could become one. All I had to do was find someone to teach me the methods. (And remember, in those days, … Continue reading

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PsyCard Analysis from September 22, 2017

The Original Spread #38 Liberation A pair of lovers dash on horseback through the open fortress gateway, across a bridge to freedom. Here is depicted the joyous escape from a constricting situation. It stands for those situations where, often by … Continue reading

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The Hidden Persuaders

Have you ever wondered how marketing companies come up with their advertising campaigns? As consumers, we are a mess of contradictions; Motivational Research sorted us out years ago. Meet Vance Packard The Hidden Persuaders According to Wikipedia, Vance Packard “was … Continue reading

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“I Quit!” Dream Analysis

In December 1984, I was on the threshold of a new adventure. I was about to leave my old life behind, forever. This is the analysis of a dream I had on the night of the 4th. Background Straight Pins … Continue reading

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I Quit!

Going through some papers this week, I found a dream diary entry that has interesting implications: it occurred during a period of time just before I moved to the UK… Back to School (Again) Straight Pins I’m in class and … Continue reading

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Games People Play

We’re not talking about Pac Man, we’re talking about P.A.C., man: Parent, Adult, Child; Transactional Analysis; I’m OK, You’re OK. (Is that OK?) Transactional Analysis Definitions Games People Play (cover) According to Wikipedia:“Transactional analysis (abbreviated to TA), is a theory … Continue reading

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