PsyCard Analysis from September 22, 2017

The Original Spread

#38 Liberation

A pair of lovers dash on horseback through the open fortress gateway, across a bridge to freedom.

Here is depicted the joyous escape from a constricting situation. It stands for those situations where, often by some outside agency, we are somehow set free to make a new life. However, note that although the key is in the lock, there is no bolt, therefore the card also represents those situations where we do have the ability for release from within ourselves.

#7 The Home

A cosy cottage hearth with tea laid and a cat curled up by the burning fire on a winter’s evening.

This card draws us to our background and the security we all need from a warm, comforting environment. It represents the trusted simple things in our lives which we sometimes undervalue.

#35 The Voyage

Coming alive out of an ancient map, a galleon sails the ocean on a voyage of discovery.

A card of movement and foreign connections, the likelihood of travel or a journey is suggested by this card. It could point to a holiday, or where new aspects of yourself will be found, or another voyage across your inner world, to uncolonised areas of the psyche.

#28 The Warrior

A warrior is seen in all his pride, in full armour, against the background of a medieval castle, with sword drawn but at rest.

His card stands for the hero who rescues his princess, the knight in shining armour of the fairy stories. He is the embodiment of the masculine virtue of strength and courage, but one aspect can be the reverse, as with the Beauty, hence the reversed Crosses: he can be vengeful, quarrelsome, aggressive and the typical male chauvinist pig.

#27 The Beauty

A beautiful woman in a fine Tudor-style gown is seen looking at her reflection in a mullioned window, as if she is waiting to make her entrance, and checking her appearance.

This character stands for the element of passion and romantic love. For men it can mean a love affair of the sort that inspires great art. For women it can point to a flowering of the awareness of her sexuality, or the presence of a rival in love. The card can have implications of danger and one aspect of the face of beauty can be a demanding whore.

#37 Prison

A manacled prisoner languishes behind bars, but the sunlight floods into the cell.

This card stands for those situations where we are seemingly trapped, where the key is turned on us, and we have no freedom of action.

#20 The Sun

The sun stands high over the harvest field with wheat sheaves, ripe corn and cornflowers. Children skip around a maypole in a celebration of fertility of the land.

The Sun stands for power, energy and creative forces behind the universe. A male sign, it symbolises confidence and success and a benign influence on all around it. It represents the conscious power of the intellect.

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