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The Wellspring*: Working Together

September 30, 2021: *New Channelling (XII) What time you spend writing is assisting the flow of words coming clearly to you. There will be a time when more relevant information will be produced and you will have the confidence to … Continue reading

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“Peace on Earth” was All It Said

One Tin Soldier (1969) “One Tin Soldier” tells the story of two neighboring tribes, the warlike Valley People and the peaceful Mountain Kingdom which possesses a great treasure buried under a stone. The Valley People demand the treasure. The Mountain … Continue reading

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The Firebrand of the Reformed Church of Scotland

John Knox (1514 – November 24, 1572) In the film “Mary Queen of Scots”, this minister was played by David Tennant. It was as if the firebrand was allowed to vent his venomous speech at the shameless goings-on in the … Continue reading

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PsyCard Analysis from September 22, 2017

The Original Spread #38 Liberation A pair of lovers dash on horseback through the open fortress gateway, across a bridge to freedom. Here is depicted the joyous escape from a constricting situation. It stands for those situations where, often by … Continue reading

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Was Shakespeare a Freemason?

Shakespeare Tablet The more I research this particular subject matter, the more it seems to be true. Take the text from this online site: The Dedication to the Sonnets The dedication prefixed to Shakespeare’s Sonnets is one of the most … Continue reading

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This Picture is Reported to Be of 17,000 Signatures

What do you see?

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