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Proof of “Peace in Our Time”

Deja and Chants

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It Took Less than Three Weeks…

Ten of Swords When Susan’s cousin read my Tarot cards at the end of July, I was surprised to see this card as the final one of the spread. How was this to take place? What does it mean? Would … Continue reading

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If I Could Just Explain What My Generation Was About:

Dear Next Generation I’m borrowing this image to help introduce a delicate subject matter: advice. The so-called Baby Boom generation were the children of people who survived World War II. That kind of says it all, but the missing bit … Continue reading

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Yesterday in History VIII

Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty (March 26, 1979) On this day in 1979: Anwar Sadat, Menachem Begin, and Jimmy Carter sign the Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty in Washington, D.C. And a ‘cold peace’ broke out between those two nations. The timing is randomized. … Continue reading

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Conflict: How to Win Friends and Influence People?

Spectrum of Allies and Opponents No, how to divide and rule… May I remind you that when I pose a question in the title of a post, I am hinting that the answer is “NO”? The Freedom Blockade in Ottawa … Continue reading

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OK, World, Here’s What Most Canadians Feel:

Being Mad Doesn’t Make You Right It isn’t often that I’m moved to share another individual’s blog, in full, but this one from parentingishard.org is spot on when it comes to tackling the difficult situation facing Canadians about the Freedom … Continue reading

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Shaped by the Potter’s Wheel

Rupert Spira (March 13, 1960) This man looks familiar, although I’d never heard of him before yesterday. The title is inspired by his love of all things pottery. I suspect he’s approve of my use of the metaphor that we … Continue reading

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A Symbolic Rose: Gesture of Peace and Reconciliation

Mrs. Green, Reading, May 6, 1987 Years ago, when I was still young enough to be foolish and naive, I went to a medium, Mrs. Green. I thought that the reading was meant for me, alone. But instead, two others … Continue reading

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How a Liberal Thinker can Appear Conservative

Jordan Peterson (June 12, 1962) To be totally frank, I have only heard the name Jordan Peterson in passing. Last night, Susan’s grandson, Jacob, was explaining to me some of the ideas that this man has presented on YouTube. The … Continue reading

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The Wellspring*: Peace

July, 2017: *Interim Channelling This Needs Repeating Issues pertaining to the world at present will begin to unfold in the next few months. This is a time of great change which will bring renewed hope into the hearts of many. … Continue reading

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