A Symbolic Rose: Gesture of Peace and Reconciliation

Mrs. Green, Reading, May 6, 1987

Years ago, when I was still young enough to be foolish and naive, I went to a medium, Mrs. Green.

I thought that the reading was meant for me, alone. But instead, two others were given messages. One of them was my mother. Hence the red rose.

I have previously looked at this event in comparison to my birth chart. I think it’s time to see what it meant to my mother.

The Moon and Neptune seem to be the keys to understanding, here. In my Mom’s chart Neptune is @ 17° Leo. The Moon is in the 1st House of the event @ 19° Leo. My Mom has a very powerful Moon/Pluto conjunction @ 9° Cancer. The event Neptune is opposite @ 7° Capricorn.

Moon Conjunct Neptune (from “Planets in Transit” by Robert Hand)

The influence of this transit is subtle but not weak. Your sensitivity to your surroundings is greatly increased, as is your empathy with those around you. At this time you may listen to a friend’s problems, or you may discuss your own problems with a friend.

Unfortunately, communications with others may be difficult now. Your thoughts are not very clear, and your experiences are difficult to reduce to words. Poetry and art, especially escapist art or literature, appeal to you greatly at this time.

Your relationships under this influence are dubious. You are very likely to misinterpret someone or be misinterpreted, which may lead to thinking about the situation very unrealistically. Beware of self-delusion.

Neptune Opposition Moon (ibid)

This transit produces strange moods and obsessions that can make your life quite difficult if you take them at face value or too seriously. Your perception of the world is not terribly acute at this time, and you tend to see things as you want to see them rather than as they are. Psychic and spiritual studies and teachings, which usually are quite valuable, should be taken up with extreme care at this time because you may misunderstand or misuse them. Often this transit denotes that you are weary of the world as it is and want to escape from it. Spiritual teachings can be used as an excuse to escape, but that is not their most constructive use by any means. The world is here so you can learn to handle it, not so you can avoid it. You can only disguise it, which makes it much more damaging to you.

Some Conclusions

When I heard Mrs. Green’s words, written below, I jumped to a mistaken conclusion:

Then she spoke of a woman who had come through with a message for my Mom. “Tell her that I want to offer her a rose. The rose, to me,” said Mrs Green, “is symbolic of a peace offering from someone who didn’t get on with another in their relationship.” (That could have been anyone, I thought.) “But the rose is not a name, in this instance.” (Later on, I recognized that it would have been Mom’s adoptive mother, Elsie.)

No, it was not Elsie. But I guess I needed to attach someone significant to the gesture. I am now back to the idea that it could have been anyone, since my mother had her own private life before I entered the scene. Even, today, I wonder if it could have been a boss, or co-worker, since my mother had a very volatile temper (Moon/Pluto conjunction). But, in truth, I have no real idea from whom that symbolic rose might have come.

So the mystic Rose moment remains a mystery. Such is life.

Me and my mom, August 1995
Mom and (invisible) me, March 30, 1950

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  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    I should have waited, again: when I had a nap, my Mom whispered in my ear, “Maisie”.

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