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My Baptism is Connected to the East-West Schism

What Has It to Do With Me? (August 16, 1953) I wrote about the Great Schism, yesterday. Today, I want to visit my own baptism as a Roman Catholic Christian. I wouldn’t have had a say in what my mother … Continue reading

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A Symbolic Rose: Gesture of Peace and Reconciliation

Mrs. Green, Reading, May 6, 1987 Years ago, when I was still young enough to be foolish and naive, I went to a medium, Mrs. Green. I thought that the reading was meant for me, alone. But instead, two others … Continue reading

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Flying High in April, Brought Down in May

Encounter With The Self Have you ever been so down and out that you finally give in and let go? That seems to be the whole purpose of failure: to show your ego that you (and it) are not in … Continue reading

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Canada: Indigenous Protests Bring Chaos

Battle Lines are Drawn Canada as a nation has been brought to a standstill by some protests across the country. The original grievance of the Indigenous people in British Columbia was the proposed pathway of a pipeline through their territory. … Continue reading

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