My Baptism is Connected to the East-West Schism

What Has It to Do With Me? (August 16, 1953)

Me, aged 3 (with a coffee cup watermark?)

I wrote about the Great Schism, yesterday. Today, I want to visit my own baptism as a Roman Catholic Christian. I wouldn’t have had a say in what my mother did for me, so you couldn’t say it was an informed choice, but she was Roman Catholic at the time and it makes sense that she would do the same for me. Today, I see, however, that my baptism took place 11 months before the 900 anniversary of the split of the Holy Roman Empire into two parts, and 11 years before their reconciliation again.

The first thing I notice is that the Sun and Pluto are conjunct in Leo, and, at the same time, Saturn and Neptune are conjunct in Libra. Hmm. Is this the reason that the two sides reconciled in the 20th century? Could my baptism have been the catalyst?

The comparison of the two charts seems to indicate that such an idea isn’t too far-fetched, especially when my baptism’s Saturn/Neptune conjunction is so closely connected to the Great Schism’s Ascendant (@ noon) of the day. But it is only when I looked at my birth chart in comparison to these two charts that the ‘bigger’ picture evolved.

These three charts have the Moon in Scorpio (between 12° and 20°). And there is a close conjunction between the Great Schism’s Venus and my natal Part of Fortune @ 13° Virgo (with both of them in opposition to my baptism’s Part of Fortune @ 15° Pisces). Yes, I am connected to the Great Schism.

Or as Rus used to say (to me), “You’re a better man than me, Gunga Din.”

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