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Conflict: How to Win Friends and Influence People?

Spectrum of Allies and Opponents No, how to divide and rule… May I remind you that when I pose a question in the title of a post, I am hinting that the answer is “NO”? The Freedom Blockade in Ottawa … Continue reading

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What Should We Do About Criminous Clerks?

Why Henry II and Thomas Becket Fell Out For friends and partners-in-crime, it took an age-old problem to split them up: handing over priests and other clergy who have committed secular crimes to the justice system of the country, not … Continue reading

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Karmic Astrology: Can Our Enemy Be Ourselves?

The World Age of Scorpio (1109 – 1500 AD) I’m revisiting Saint Thomas Aquinas to demonstrate how individuals on opposite sides of a moral or religious opinion are actually connected through karma. “At the age of nineteen Thomas resolved to … Continue reading

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Who are You Calling a Philistine?

It’s All Greek to Me Recent news has come out that the Philistines may have actually come from Greece. That makes them “Westerners” to our way of thinking. But it makes the pejorative term ‘philistine’ suddenly suspect. Have we been … Continue reading

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