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Yesterday in History XX

Construction Begins on the Berlin Wall (August 13, 1961) Beginning at midnight on the 13th August 1961, East German police and army began to close the border with West Berlin. This was a very big deal then. It would, of course, exist … Continue reading

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Conflict: How to Win Friends and Influence People?

Spectrum of Allies and Opponents No, how to divide and rule… May I remind you that when I pose a question in the title of a post, I am hinting that the answer is “NO”? The Freedom Blockade in Ottawa … Continue reading

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Misperception: Alternative Views of Reality

(Are We Live?) “Testing, Testing, One-Two-Three” When I set out to do a search for memes to illustrate my theme this morning, Morpheus showed up. How very apt! He reminds me that we’re living in “The Matrix”. This post is … Continue reading

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Is This Proof of the Deep State?

ShadowGate (2020) I was sent this title by a friend who lives in Europe. I wasn’t expecting it to essentially ‘prove’ what David Wilcock has been saying for all these years, that there IS a shadow government in the US, … Continue reading

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The Media are the Messengers

Are They Shaping Opinion or Mirroring our Biases? Let’s face the facts: money makes the world go round; sometimes in circles. Those with money want to be in control of everyone else. The rest of us just want to have … Continue reading

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