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Double Entendre: Something Deeply Profound

Deep (1988) Every time I hear the sound of the rainBeating on my roof againI want to taste your loveAnd I want to go deep, deep.I want to go deep, deep.I want to go deep. Every time I lift my … Continue reading

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Misperception: Alternative Views of Reality

(Are We Live?) “Testing, Testing, One-Two-Three” When I set out to do a search for memes to illustrate my theme this morning, Morpheus showed up. How very apt! He reminds me that we’re living in “The Matrix”. This post is … Continue reading

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How Many Times Do I Need to Say It?

Derek, My Son   Did I tell you enough times how I loved you? Everything about you makes me smile. Right now my words might seem too few, Except I think a thought for every mile Keeping me away from … Continue reading

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Choose Wisely

Walls and Bridges (1975) John Lennon’s fifth studio album featured songs that he’d written, recorded and released during the 18-month separation from his wife, Yoko Ono. The title says it all. Whatever Gets You Thru The Night   Nobody Loves … Continue reading

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All Along the Watchtower

Jehovah’s Witnesses We have all experienced being door-stopped by a couple of ‘missionaries’ who want to share their “Good News” with us. As a student of the Bible, I do not mind discussing their interpretation of Jehovah’s Word, but I … Continue reading

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