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How Many Times Do I Need to Say It?

Derek, My Son   Did I tell you enough times how I loved you? Everything about you makes me smile. Right now my words might seem too few, Except I think a thought for every mile Keeping me away from … Continue reading

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The Feeling of Abandonment

We All Have Our Crosses to Bear Do you know why atheists feel justified in saying that there is no God? Because even Jesus, dying on the cross, called out to Him, and He didn’t come to Jesus’ rescue. Abandonment … Continue reading

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Father (in) Time has Wrinkles

A Wrinkle in Time According to everyone who read this 1962 bestselling book, this is one of the world’s best. I wouldn’t know, never having been privileged enough to read it. But I saw the movie today with my granddaughter, … Continue reading

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Crossover Stars: UK to USA

Robert Carlyle In the UK, Robert Carlyle is mostly famous for being in a movie called Trainspotting. His youthful looks and slender physique puts me in mind of a drug addict. So you could say that he was playing to … Continue reading

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Finding Father: Hook versus Peter Pan

Finding Neverland J.M. Barrie wrote the original story of Peter Pan, as a play and then a book. The film Finding Neverland explores how this came about. According to Wikipedia: the story focuses on Scottish writer J. M. Barrie, his … Continue reading

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Expected to be Tired

  Expected to be Tired   Wait? Relax?? Be patient??? HOW?!!!   When my wife’s a patient about to give birth, How can I judge if the waiting is worth The worry that wearies me?

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