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We’ve been told to contemplate our history today…

Canada Day, 2021 This image is our usual way of making fun of ourselves. But this year due to the ‘discovery’ of unmarked graves at residential schools across Canada, our national celebrations have been toned down, and we are being … Continue reading

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The Last Time We Were All Together was 2005

It must be my age. And this pandemic. I’m missing my children, badly. But is that feeling even reasonable? Due to the distances between us, we very infrequently saw each other before COVID-19. My son lives only 75 km from … Continue reading

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A British Term that has Foreigners Scratching their Heads

Don’t Get into a Tiswas “Today Is Saturday: Watch And Smile” This was a children’s television program on ITV between 1974 and 1982. I never saw it. tiswas in British English (ˈtɪzˌwɒz) NOUN a state of anxiety, confusion or excitement Collins English Dictionary The … Continue reading

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I Remembered “Roof Brain Chatter” but Not Much Else

The Crack in the Cosmic Egg (1971) I read a lot of books in the second half of the 1970’s. This may have been one of them. For sure, I recognize the cover image, but most of the content eludes … Continue reading

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Where Has The Time Gone?

[Translation:] Time Flies – Remember To Die The title of this post was suggested by my first wife, recently. It’s timely. We married 50 years ago on Valentine’s Day. Wow, eh? A lot of water has passed under the bridge; … Continue reading

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Autism as Political Football

Autism Spectrum Disorder This will not primarily be a medical post. The political overtones and undercurrent of the governing Progressive Conservatives in the Ontario Legislature recent decision to clear the backlog of parents seeking help for their children suffering from … Continue reading

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