We’ve been told to contemplate our history today…

Canada Day, 2021

This image is our usual way of making fun of ourselves. But this year due to the ‘discovery’ of unmarked graves at residential schools across Canada, our national celebrations have been toned down, and we are being schooled in a collective sense of guilt for what was done to the indigenous children starting over 125 years ago. The last residential school was closed, I believe, in 1997.

Over the course of the system’s more than hundred-year existence, around 150,000 children were placed in residential schools nationally. By the 1930s about 30 percent of Indigenous children were believed to be attending residential schools. The number of school-related deaths remains unknown due to incomplete records. Estimates range from 3,200 to over 30,000


This excerpt is part of a series of articles relating to genocide. Now do I have your attention?

Whenever one race (or nation) wants to eradicate another race (or nation), the term genocide is an accurate reflection of what goes on. What makes this worse is that it was done under the guise of ‘helping’ the children get on in their future lives. And even worse than that, it was administered by the Canadian churches, including the Roman Catholic Church. So, note, this is not just a Catholic problem, yet all the other church leaders have asked for forgiveness of the First Nations people, but not the Pope, yet. But, obviously, he will, in time, when it works to the Roman Church’s benefit (like on a papal visit to Canada sometime next year).

This becomes, for me, a ‘told you so’ moment, because as one of the original coureurs des bois. I didn’t want the priests from France interfering with the native culture, since I saw that the First Nations were perfect the way they were. But, no, the authorities thought they were ‘savages’ that needed to be saved from the eternal fires of Hell. So, they tried scaring them into converting to Christian beliefs by painting a picture of torment and pain. Not the right way, in my opinion. The First Nations people did not like the idea that they would be separated from this ancestors, for all eternity. So most rejected the Jesuit and Recollet crusades. The ones that did convert were wiped out in the Indian Wars between the Huron and Iroquois. So sad.

All month long, in June, I’ve been contemplating the past. Now, the world and his uncle are catching up to think about what was done in our Canadian society’s name.

Shame on us all, people; shame on us, Canada.

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