All Along the Watchtower

Armageddon cover

Jehovah’s Witnesses

We have all experienced being door-stopped by a couple of ‘missionaries’ who want to share their “Good News” with us.

As a student of the Bible, I do not mind discussing their interpretation of Jehovah’s Word, but I sense that they’ve learned their lines by rote, and do not actually understand what they are sharing.

The emphasis of their evangelism is the End Times, which we all acknowledge seems to be Now. But the fact that they think they are part of the Elect (144,000 co-rulers with Jesus) is where I think the ‘wheels have come off the bus’.

They do not believe in Life After Death, but they hope for the Resurrection. They acknowledge (gradual) Reincarnation after God’s Kingdom is inaugurated on Earth, when all ‘sins’ will be removed, leaving only present actions to determine one’s ‘fate’.

October 1914 was the date this all started, and Christ’s thousand year plan for Earth will bring us back to the Garden of Eden.

First Century Christianity

None of this is new. In fact, from the very beginning, the Essenes predicted that the Messiah would do all of the above.

The only ‘fly in the ointment’ is Satan. His control of this world is so complete that one must stay separate from the World in order to stay pure.

The beliefs of the Early Christians were the same, until the State joined forces with the Church, and then everything changed.

Seemingly, the Way of the Pure Ones had to go underground until the present day. (Does this sound familiar?)

Most Persecuted Sect in the 20th Century

They do not serve in the military, salute any country’s flag, vote in elections or celebrate ‘pagan-based’ events like Christmas, Easter or birthdays.

This means they stand apart from the rest of Christianity, and are viewed with suspicion by Christians of other sects. Governments see them as seditious (especially during times of war). But they stand firm that their beliefs are the “Truth”.

An Interesting Insight

In my extended family are several Jehovah’s Witnesses. I saw a post by one of them on Facebook that was an ‘a-ha’ moment for me. They referred to themselves as JW’s.

So, they think of themselves as Christian “Jews”. That helped me to finally understand what they are trying to achieve. Purity, so that Jehovah will “harvest” them to Heaven, leaving the rest of us (our choice) to death and destruction.






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