Could a 1st Century Conquest be Echoed in the 13th Century?

The Destruction of the Second Temple (August 4, 70 AD)

Sometimes, I surprise even myself. No, I am not putting myself in the thick of things during Titus’ destruction of Jerusalem, but I am being shown some interesting echoes.

The timing of this chart is randomized. It appears to be a straight-forward representation of the energies that were in play that fateful day. Saturn, representing Rome, is near the Ascendant in Libra and it is opposed by Neptune in Aries. Fitting…

What my intuition told me was that this momentous occasion in the lives of 1st Century Jews would be similar to the Fall of Montsegur for Cathars in 1244 AD.

As both these charts are randomized, I shouldn’t have seen such a clear link between Moon/Neptune/Ascendant conjunction in the Montsegur chart and the Jerusalem Mars. (But there it is!) And the Jerusalem Ascendant in Libra is conjunct Montsegur’s Pluto.

It is ‘proof’ to me that the Roman Catholic Church is definitely an offshoot of the Roman Empire. But then, I suspected that all along the Watchtower. We are witnesses to this.

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