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The Man Credited with Creating Canada

Samuel de Champlain (August 13, 1567 – December 25, 1635) When I was young, I knew all about this man, but I was never impressed with his story. I always wondered why. But I know better now. As this chart … Continue reading

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Could a 1st Century Conquest be Echoed in the 13th Century?

The Destruction of the Second Temple (August 4, 70 AD) Sometimes, I surprise even myself. No, I am not putting myself in the thick of things during Titus’ destruction of Jerusalem, but I am being shown some interesting echoes. The … Continue reading

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The Historical Bookends of Europe in Time and Space

Alexander the Great and Charlemagne When I do a birth chart for a famous/notorious person in history, I tend to think of them in terms of their era, alone. Only later do I realize that they connect with others who … Continue reading

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