Was This Grand Master a Reincarnation of Jesus?

Jacques de Molay (executed on March 11, 1314)

It seems a strange theory, but one supported by the Masons. However, we don’t know Jacques de Molay‘s birth date, so I cannot prove his karmic lineage that way. Needless to say, it’s an intriguing idea.

Needless to say, Mars had to figure in his execution, so I think the building of his funeral pyre @ 6 pm local time will be fairly accurate. There are four inconjuncts, with three of them forming a double Yod pointing at the Jupiter/Midheaven conjunction. The Mars/Saturn inconjunct would represent the execution order from Philip IV of France after two of the Knights Templar recanted their confessions.

But Is There Any Way to Prove His Connection to Jesus?

As you know, I attempted to explain Titus‘ “Messiah” role as a reincarnation of Jesus. So, what I’m going to suggest is that we start with Jesus’ death by execution, and Titus’ death as Emperor, and compare them to de Molay’s execution by fire. Here’s what that comparison shows:

Like a bit of sleight of hand, the magic of astrology does show a couple of significant link-ups.

Jesus’ fatal South Node is conjunct Titus’ fatal Ascendant and about 4° from de Molay’s fatal Neptune. However, the stronger connection seems to be between de Molay’s fatal South Node and Jesus’ fatal Pluto. At the same time, de Molay’s fatal Moon is conjunct Jesus’ fatal Neptune, while Jesus’ fatal Part of Fortune is reflected in Titus’ fatal Pluto and de Molay’s fatal Venus. Jesus’ fatal Sun is conjunct de Molay’s fatal Mercury, while de Molay’s fatal Uranus is conjunct Titus’ fatal Jupiter. Finally, de Molay’s fatal North Node is about 2° from Jesus’ fatal Saturn, and about 4° from Titus’ fatal Moon and Jesus’ fatal North Node. Is that enough proof of karmic connections between these three individuals?

This painting purports to show a scene from the time de Molay ‘conquered’ Jerusalem in 1299. Evidently, it’s fake news. But the interesting echo is provided by Jesus ‘prophecy’ of Titus’ destruction of the Temple there. Hmm.

The Island of the Jews

Is it significant that this is where de Molay was executed?

The present-day site of his execution

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