OK, World, Here’s What Most Canadians Feel:

Being Mad Doesn’t Make You Right

It isn’t often that I’m moved to share another individual’s blog, in full, but this one from parentingishard.org is spot on when it comes to tackling the difficult situation facing Canadians about the Freedom Blockade of our capital, Ottawa.

I think I remember that one of the aims of the organizers was to have Justin Trudeau removed from power. So, just to be clear, this is similar to the Storming of the Capitol on January 6, 2021: the overthrow of a duly elected leader. It is therefore fair to call this protest an insurrection. The intent is disguised as peaceful, which the rest of the world is buying into. But it is anything but peaceful.

Remember that the truckers are saying they won’t leave Ottawa until ALL of their objectives have been reached. There is no negotiable strategy. It’s All or NOTHING. No wonder Conservatives are supporting the protest. They’d like nothing better than to be rid of Trudeau, forever.

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    And, yes, I’m allowed to change my mind when more information becomes available.


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