I Quit!

Going through some papers this week, I found a dream diary entry that has interesting implications: it occurred during a period of time just before I moved to the UK…

Back to School (Again)

OIP (1)

Straight Pins

I’m in class and am having problems with getting my textbooks into the space under my seat. As I reach down I realise that someone has put a false front in the drawer space, so I pull it out, at which point I knock over a container of straight pins. As I bend over to pick them up from the floor, I slip and my left hand is stuck with thirty or so pins.

In a temper, I yell out, “I quit!” and all my classmates look at me in astonishment. The teacher, who was absent at the time, comes into the classroom and realises what has happened, so she takes me down to the teachers’ lounge where the rest of the teachers are.

I explain that I’ve had enough and that I want out. Each of the seven teachers come up to me, kiss and embrace me and tell me how much they’ll miss me. As I’m embracing each one, I realise that they represent the seven muses and that the reason I’ve had such a difficult time finding the “perfect” mate is because I have had seven ideal images to draw on.

(I also thought back to my Jan 19/84 dream and saw that seven of the nine/ten individuals who are part of me were these same seven women.)

See Dreams: is there a higher education?

The Seven Women

The oldest teacher was a dark-haired beauty with wit and charm — she seemed to be the head teacher.

A couple of the others were blondes, one tall and winsome, the other robust (I thought she was going to break my back when she hugged me).

The redheads were diverse, too: one short and pert, the other like a model.

Another brunette lay sideways across a desk, while I picked up the straight pins from the floor of the now-deserted classroom: she asked me why I was finally going to leave. I told her that I passed all the exams long ago and that I should have gone on, years before.

Finally, in the washroom (two children were splashing in the bathtub), I drew the last brown-haired teacher to me as I was sitting on the toilet and got her to set her bare bottom on my knee (she was still dressed from the waist up). This one was the one who reminded me most of Suzann, my wife.

Dream Epilogue

Then I left the school.

Outside it had snowed, and although there seemed to be no one around, I notice a car (a Dart Swinger, I think) which seemed to be having problems getting out of the schoolyard due to the slippery ice. I decided to help her by giving the car a push and, after a short while, she drives away under her own power.

I then woke up.

Picture credit: wisegeek.com

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