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The Real Life Boy from “The Dig”

Robert Dempster Pretty (September 7, 1930 – June 14, 1988) Robert is not a public figure, but his story is intrinsic to the Netflix film. His birth chart has been rectified to reflect losing his father at 4 years (Saturn) … Continue reading

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Reincarnation: From Theologian to Astronomer

Nicolaus Copernicus (February 19, 1473 – May 24, 1543) This is the man who turned our world upside down when he suggested that the Sun was the centre of our solar system and not the Earth. What can we know … Continue reading

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The Three Wise Men: We Have Seen His Star Rise in the East

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Her Father’s Daughter: a Martyred Feminist?

Hypatia of Alexandria I was alerted to this individual by a post on Facebook, no less. Her death in 415 AD looks like a simple hate crime, and not because she was a proto-feminist but because she ‘knew’ too much, … Continue reading

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Been Waiting for a Sign? Here it Is!

Venus and the Pleiades Two nights ago, my wife, Susan, saw this low-lying ‘light’ in the western sky. She wanted to know what it was. Yesterday, I saw the first images appear in the main stream media. I believe this … Continue reading

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Revelation: Corona Borealis

Don’t you just love it when several disjointed bits of information suddenly come together to give you the ‘bigger’ picture? That’s what happened when I looked at a post from two years ago, here. There was a picture showing the … Continue reading

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And Speaking of the Dog Star: Sirius

I have been negligent: I’ve known about the double star Sirius for more than 40 years but never thought to share that knowledge with anyone else. Hopefully, this post will correct that oversight. The Dogon people in Mali, West Africa, … Continue reading

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Message from Self: Get Some Help

Mercury Transiting the Sun 2019 I had an interesting dream last night, which contained a visual pun (nothing new there): My friend and I were celebrating with a lot of people at a party. We were eating pies, cakes and … Continue reading

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The Birth of Science: May 28, 585 BC

Solar Eclipse of Thales The Eclipse of Thales was a solar eclipse that was, according to The Histories of Herodotus, accurately predicted by the Greek philosopher Thales of Miletus. If Herodotus’s account is accurate, this eclipse is the earliest recorded … Continue reading

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A Humble Perspective

Spirits That Come For A Human Experience This is the 2007 follow-up book to Jamie Best’s Fountain booklet,┬áThe Naked Heart. When I contacted Jamie via Facebook in August, he told me about it. He offered to let me read a … Continue reading

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