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It’s Taken Me a While to Get to This Woman

Dolores Cannon (April 15, 1931 – October 18, 2014) I’ve seen snippets of videos from this woman over the past couple of years, but here’s the one from Dolores Cannon I found this morning: What I like about it is … Continue reading

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The Aquarian Message of a Sufi Teacher

Hazrat Inayat Khan Today is the beginning of the Chinese Year of the Tiger. It’s also the day of an Aquarian new moon. So I think it’s probably an inspired thought to write about Inayat Khan’s Sufi message for the … Continue reading

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The Medium is the Message: The Tibetan Art of Living

Christopher Hansard (January 3, 1957) This book was gifted to me by Susan’s cousin, Ann. It’s a wonderful primer for the Tibetan Bon medicine. So, just to be clear, this is not your usual Buddhist writing. It is so much … Continue reading

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