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It’s One Small Step for Man

Fusion! (December 5, 2022) The news was touted on all the news channels recently. I thought to myself, someone, somewhere will give us the exact details, eventually: I never expected it would be the New York Times. The Cosmic Cross … Continue reading

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It’s Taken Me a While to Get to This Woman

Dolores Cannon (April 15, 1931 – October 18, 2014) I’ve seen snippets of videos from this woman over the past couple of years, but here’s the one from Dolores Cannon I found this morning: What I like about it is … Continue reading

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Climate Change is NOT New, Folks

Icelandic Volcano Erupts (February 1, 536 AD) This one came up as a suggested video on YouTube. There is enough vagueness in the event description to allow me some latitude in terms of date and timing. “Early 536 AD” let … Continue reading

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The Wellspring*: Change Must Happen

November 19, 2021: *New Channelling (XXXIII) The planetary disruption will continue for quite a while. Throughout the world lessons are being learnt through all forms of human activity. Each person will have challenges to confront during the coming year that … Continue reading

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New Channelling through Fenella Rundell (VIII)

September 23, 2021: Climate Change Enlightenment will not come in a way you might expect. The journey of the soul towards growth is in a different dimension to the human form you inhabit at present. Everyone is feeling a diminution … Continue reading

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A Climate for Change

United We Stand, Divided We Fall There’s going to be a Global Climate Strike! To us older generations, this is confusing. We thought we only protested war, racial injustice and political fraud. Oh, and the whaling industry. We mustn’t forget … Continue reading

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Water, Water Everywhere…

Bracebridge Declares a State of Emergency This spring, the water levels of Muskoka, the Ottawa River and New Brunswick’s Saint John River have exceeded all previous records. Sand bags have been used as dams and water barriers, with the Canadian … Continue reading

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Tilting at Environmental Windmills

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A Fishing Tale Depends on the Angler

The Media Slant Determines the Angle This started out as a dream about how media bias determines the stories we see every day. Then it developed into a specific instance where this might be evident: a fish story. And I … Continue reading

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What’s Going on with the Weather?

Geoengineering Let’s face it: for almost 30 years we’ve been told that climate change is the result of man’s activities. In that time, we have been told to create a smaller carbon footprint. We have also been told to stop … Continue reading

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