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A Fishing Tale Depends on the Angler

The Media Slant Determines the Angle This started out as a dream about how media bias determines the stories we see every day. Then it developed into a specific instance where this might be evident: a fish story. And I … Continue reading

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Night Mare

Geesulls Night Mare Geesulls were flying overhead as we Ran to the beach; a fresh of breath air blew Around our feet; a mell-of-a-hess sea Inched its filthy way; wave after wave threw Non-appealing items onto the shore. Some picnic … Continue reading

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A Hazy Point of View

More of my militancy from the early 70’s…This was especially evident in Hamilton when I was training there with the Bank of Nova Scotia. If you left a car out overnight, it would be covered in a dull film of … Continue reading

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