It’s One Small Step for Man

Fusion! (December 5, 2022)

The news was touted on all the news channels recently. I thought to myself, someone, somewhere will give us the exact details, eventually: I never expected it would be the New York Times.

The Cosmic Cross in the centre of this chart is a hint at how excellent the timing of the experiment truly was. There are three inconjuncts, two of which connect the Sun to the Moon/North Node/Uranus conjunction in Taurus: how appropriate. And Pluto inconjunct the Midheaven is spectacular, too.


A giant leap for mankind.

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2 Responses to It’s One Small Step for Man

  1. davidllowe says:

    VERY encouraging news, amplified by the astrological aspects. Thank you for this Christopher. Have any other astrologers picked-up on the importance and timing of the event?


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