I’d Never Heard of This Before:

WOW! Signal (August 15, 1977)

Until today, I was unaware of this ‘contact’ signal. Since it came from the vicinity of Sagittarius, I was wondering if this might be symbolic of the Galactic Centre that Ellie Adams often speaks about. It is presumed to be extraterrestrial in nature, and Ellie Dreams Down Under thinks it might have been a ‘friendly’ message that caused too much consternation among us human beings; the ‘aliens’ then decided to come for a visit themselves, just to see what’s going on.

This is the precise moment that the signal was read/seen. It has three inconjuncts, two of which form a Yod (finger of God) pointing at the Ascendant @ 9° Aries. Interesting.

Moon Inconjunct Ascendant

You tend to put your own emotional needs and wants second to whatever you feel has to be done. In other words, you are likely to be more disciplined emotionally than most people your age. But this is not good if you feel that your emotional needs are not important. Your needs must be fulfilled as much as anyone else’s, particularly because your feelings are really very powerful within yourself.

Venus Inconjunct Neptune

This aspect means that your attitudes about love and affection are very idealistic, as will become clearer later in life. Also it can be a sign of creative artistic ability if there are other indications of creativity in your chart. And, of course, you must begin the appropriate training while you are young.

You may find someone who seems to be perfect, who will help you out of your problems, but later turns out to be a disappointment. You must learn to take a clear, objective view of the people you are attracted to and to realize that you deserve a positive love relationship as much as other person does, for you are as worthwhile as anyone.

Uranus Inconjunct Ascendant

Your need to be free and do what you want is often in conflict with what others require of you and even with what you feel you ought to do. Sometimes this conflict can cause considerable physical and emotional tension. The task you face is to organize your life in a disciplined way that will enable you to satisfy your need for freedom through your everyday activities.

“Close Encounters of the Third Kind” Came Out in Theatres in 1977

Could this be a coincidence?

Oh, right, there are no coincidences…it’s synchronicity.

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1 Response to I’d Never Heard of This Before:

  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    My sister, Anne, reminded me that Elvis Presley died the next day. Was this signal Elvis’ call to return home?


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