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Is the Social Experiment of Planet Earth Coming to an End?

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH (1971) This post has been prompted by an article about the real life experiment that inspired this story. The parallels between rats and human society is uncanny. But it also hints at what … Continue reading

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How to Stop a Train of Thought in Its Tracks

“Existentialism is a Waste of Time” Like Zen Koans, thinking about the past and the future can be counterproductive. There are no answers: Perhaps a few cartoons might make more sense. Snoopy’s face says it all, really. I especially appreciate … Continue reading

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After the Political Dust-up Settled

Reggie and Jughead will now be in a Coalition?! The General Election of 2019 is now over. Trudeau’s Liberals lost some seats (mostly to the Bloc Québécois in Quebec), and now must form a minority government. Their ‘natural’ partner will … Continue reading

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Let’s Not Forget About Betty…

Quote from this week’s Leaders’ Debate It’s a tough place to be: the only female among a group of ‘holier than thou’ males trying to get the support of Canadian voters. Elizabeth May has a voice. And she is being … Continue reading

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There are Worse Things to be Called:

Pete Buttigieg as Alfred E. Neuman It was reported today that Pete had to Google the reference that Trump made concerning Buttigieg being President of the United States. His response should have been: “What, me worry?”   It must be … Continue reading

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How Americans See Us

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What? The Second Coming of Christ?!

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Dumbo is No Dummy

But Tim Burton is No Walt Disney I expected to shed a teardrop or two with the live action remark of the 1941 animated film, but I wasn’t moved at all. Have I grown too old and jaded or is … Continue reading

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Maleficent is Magnificent!

Maleficent (2014) It took me a while to get around to watching this one. (We have a pre-owned DVD of it.) As with all things from one’s childhood, it is difficult to replace one memory for another. Disney’s Sleeping Beauty was … Continue reading

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Political Cartoons: March 2019

United States   Why I Quit… New American Civil War US Constitution: Checks and Balances Canada Optics: Is the Picture any Clearer? United Kingdom Was the Queen’s Hat a Hint? Brexit: Article 50

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