Be Honest Now: Could You Keep This Secret?

Inheritance (2020)

Psychological thrillers all have one thing in common: they mess with your mind. So, you can imagine how I felt about this film, presently showing on Netflix.

The subtext is telegraphed early on: it’s a chess game.

Lauren Monroe: I know how to play this game.

(from IMDb)

First and foremost, the acting is superb. The story line, which has been extensively criticized for not making sense, is very well-written, in my opinion. The plot twists are not totally unexpected and the ending is the only one that makes sense for the characters. If I had to have something to quibble about, it would be the use of suspense when Lauren first enters the underground bunker. But, I suppose, we were meant to experience it alongside the heroine of the story. And we do, all the way through.

Special kudos goes to Simon Pegg. His portrayal of the pathological prisoner was off-the-scale. In fact, during the early part of the film, I didn’t even recognize him.

So, One Major Clue Helped Me Figure It Out

“Does any daughter really know her father?” (Hint, hint.)

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