So, That Leaves This Last Man Standing

Patrick Leahy (May 31, 1940)

In 2009

The extended comparison of Roman Emperors with United States Presidents leaves just one position unaccounted for: who would be the likely fourth person if history repeated itself. I’m not entirely sure Patrick Leahy is the best candidate for the job, but he’s all we have right now.

The timing of this chart is on several astrology websites, so I’ll stick with it. For once, there are no hidden agendas (meaning, no inconjuncts). But I appreciate that his Ascendant is very close to my own. Perhaps we’re spiritual brothers, both connected to Vespasian.

Leahy’s Moon is conjunct Vespasian’s ‘fatal’ South Node and his natal Moon. Hmm. And Leahy’s Mars is conjunct Vespasian’s natal North Node. And I love that Leahy’s Venus is conjunct Vespasian’s ‘fatal’ Mercury and natal Jupiter. We cannot entirely trust the timing of Vespasian’s birth, so Leahy’s Jupiter is conjunct Vespasian’s natal Uranus (and perhaps his natal Ascendant).

Leahy’s Uranus is conjunct Vespasian’s ‘fatal’ Jupiter @ 23° Libra, while Leahy’s North Node is within 7° of Vespasian’s ‘fatal’ North Node and his natal Saturn. So, yes, these two men are karmically connected, and they might even be past life/reincarnations of each other.

One Final Point

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