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Two More Spiritual Newspeak Terms

logophilia Addiction to words. Belief that all words contain hidden meanings, provided that you have the time and patience to look up their constituent parts in enough different languages (however unrelated); or that given sounds and letters have a constant … Continue reading

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Star Wars as Spiritual Truth

Harpur’s Heaven and Hell This book from 1983 is a series of essays written by Tom Harpur and published in The Toronto Star newspaper. I’ve had a copy of it since about 2007. It’s still one of my great reference … Continue reading

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Tree as Metaphor: Reincarnation

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Car as Metaphor

Vanishing Point (1971) Some movies don’t make sense, at least, not until many years later. Vanishing Point is one such film. You need to think of the car as a vehicle for the soul to understand its meaning. 1970 Dodge … Continue reading

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Seasons as Time Passages

Doctor Zhivago I’m almost finished reading this classic 20th Century novel. The overall impression I have is the use of the changing seasons to show the passage of time. The movie by David Lean more or less followed the same … Continue reading

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Revelation: Some Beastly Speculation

Number of the Beast There is probably no other sequence of numbers in the whole (Christian) world that is more recognized than these three digits. There are several ways to look at the numbers, but to do them proper justice … Continue reading

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Revelation: A Divine Document?

Proof: The Number Seven I think by now, readers of my posts have seen that seven is considered a sacred number. Well, Revelation is full of examples of that number in relationship with the symbolic language used by St John … Continue reading

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Decoding a Symbol in Dreams

Last Night I woke up fairly early this morning with a question on my mind: what was I trying to tell myself? The issue was a fleeting image of writing this post today. The idea was that a symbol was … Continue reading

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