Warning: Enochian Language of the Angels is Not Angelic

John Dee and Edward Kelley Found the Key to It

It’s like living another day, to be able to tell the truth about a hard-found realization.

Our concept of angels is tinged with a bit of the demonic. This is why I personally do not like channeling. In truth, no matter how scrupulous the medium is, the process is fraught with potential fraud.

Enochian is known as the language of the Angels inspired from the work of Dr John Dee, who lived from 1527 to 1608. During an intense and fascinating seven year period he worked with a psychic known as Edward Kelley. Together they created detailed diaries of their work which still exists today in the British and Bodlean Museums in the UK.

Enochian: Language of Angels

But the fraud may not be on the human side of the transaction: it may be entirely on the ‘other’ side. When we were children growing up, we were warned to stay away from the Ouija board. I wonder how many children heeded that advice. Probably very few.

And, as we have seen in other transactions with our ‘modern’ Space Brothers, tests are undertaken to see how gullible we really are. Mostly we fail them, due to egotism.

That happened to Dee and Kelley, too.

Kelley revealed to Dee that the angels (namely a spirit “Madimi”) had ordered them to share everything they had, including their wives. Dee, anguished by the “order” of the angels, subsequently broke off the spiritual conferences. He did, however, share his wife. This “cross-matching” occurred on 22 May 1587 and is noted in John Dee’s diary: “May 22nd, Mistris Kelly received the sacrament, and to me and my wife gave her hand in charity; and we rushed not from her.” Nine months later, on 28 February, Dee’s wife Jane gave birth to a son, Theodorus Trebonianus Dee. Although there may have been speculation among the families that the child was actually Kelley’s, he was raised as Dee’s son (references to the child’s communion are present in Dee’s diary); the “cross-matching” incident remained a secret (as did many of their activities) until after the post-mortem publication of Dee’s diaries; there was no controversy at the time


Edward Kelley, knowingly or unknowingly, brought about the demise of his working relationship with John Dee, by divulging, and agreeing to, this ‘angelic’ instruction.

The ‘test’ was intended to stop their work, and it succeeded.

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