Revelation: Some Beastly Speculation


Number of the Beast

There is probably no other sequence of numbers in the whole (Christian) world that is more recognized than these three digits.

There are several ways to look at the numbers, but to do them proper justice I would suggest you read the whole section in Wikipedia devoted to 666.

(The fact that some manuscripts have 616 [χιϛ] instead begs the question: have we been mistaken this whole time? Even the Greek [in square brackets] lettering looks like a backwards SIX. In spiritual terms, 6 is the number of mankind, not yet divine enough to be a 7, certainly not an ascended master like Christ as an 8.)

Modern Beasts


This rendition of the World Wide Web initials as three Hebrew ‘vav’s makes a mockery of all other attempts to uncover a secret system of assistance given to the Antichrist. But it does give one pause for thought.

In 1978, I left the Bank of Nova Scotia, and in my resignation letter I suggested that the Bank was part of Satan’s kingdom because its ‘cold start’ computer code every morning was 666. (No doubt the Bank management thought I was crazy.)

And it would be true to say that anyone wanting to ‘discover’ the truth will see what they want to see, anyway.

Even the writer(s) of the Wikipedia article noted that the mark of the Beast needn’t be in or on your physical being, but in your possession, like the microchip in your credit and debit cards. Soon you won’t be able to use cash to buy anything, as counterfeiting has undermined confidence in its trustworthiness. Once that happens, your access to goods and services could be cut off on the whim of those in control of the banking systems.


I saw an interesting program on TVO last night about Facebook. In it former CNN bureau chief, Rebecca MacKinnon said something interesting about Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg. In an interview with the New Scientist, she was asked:

You have referred to Mark Zuckerberg as the Sultan of Facebookistan. What did you mean?
Sovereignty and power are shifting. Before the internet, these notions were controlled by nation states. But companies like Facebook are the sovereigns of cyberspace. Facebook exercises power by shaping the way you interact with the world. It makes decisions about what you can do and not do on its network. And there are only a few countries in the world where Facebook is not the most popular social network.

More food for thought, eh?


Hal Lindsey, in his book “Satan is Alive and Well on Planet Earth”, wrote something that surprised me (and only because it seemed more Gnostic than Evangelical in nature):

“There are phenomena beyond the realm of the senses. They are beginning to be accepted in scientific circles, and we may scoff or laugh at our own peril. They are not related to the true God, but to the one whom Jesus Christ called ‘the god of this world.’

Wow. now that’s a Revelation!


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  3. cdsmiller17 says:

    OK, people: it could be that someone had visited the future because, as of March, 2020, a cryptocurrency patent has been filed by Bill Gates. Its patent number? 2020060606. You can’t make this sh*t up!


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