David Wilcock: It’s Going to be Biblical!


Says Who, Exactly?

Discernment is a necessity these days. There is so much ‘stuff’ being thrown at us all at once, it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s not.

David Wilcock pays strict attention to everything posted by QAnon. He thinks the account has something to do with Donald Trump. Really?

Has he never watched the TV show Scandal? Black ops are the mainstay of any government control over the population. My thought is that both sides are playing us for suckers again.

What Does Biblical Actually Mean?


David Wilcock has a certain perspective. We all know that. It’s quite similar to David Icke‘s but Wilcock isn’t as bombastic in his delivery of the ‘truth’. Can we trust it?

The three days of darkness was implied to represent Jesus’ crucifixion (Good Friday) to his resurrection (Easter Sunday). That gem was delivered to us by Wilcock’s YouTube video during the early part of Holy Week. Sure, why not? But this same time period is also Passover for the Jews’ Exodus from Egypt. And that ‘slaying of the firstborn’ was the culmination of a whole slew of plagues, or have we forgotten? Now that’s Biblical!

Talk of taking the Deep State down seems a bit like a fairy tale. It helps us hope that the good guys will finally win, in the end. But how likely is it?

Taking the pedophiles and other ‘bad actors’ to court sounds like justice, but then, aren’t the judges and the whole Justice Department in league with the Devil? This is insane.

Just Another Conspiracy Theory?

The YouTube documentary Out of Shadows Official states quite clearly that Hollywood is in cahoots with the CIA. And the final bit about Podesta and pizza is worrying. Every single chance to mock this bit of “FAKE” news was used by the Main Stream Media to make sure than no one would buy into the story. But if the MSM are run by the Hollywood studios, they are doing their bosses’ bidding. We’re being lied to, yet again.


The Empire Strikes Back? Trump stops monetary support of the W.H.O., so guess what? Hollywood and the TV and music industry got together to put on a show of “One World” unity with the World Health Organization. This is very concerning.

As David Icke is fond of pointing out the W.H.O.’s main task is to serve Big Pharma, which now brings me back to Bill Gates and his crusade to rid the world of the coronavirus by vaccination. Great! Now we have an added incentive: if you want to get back to work, you’re going to have to be inoculated and be able to prove it (with a digital passport, perhaps?). But at the same time, Gates has applied for a cryptocurrency patent through Microsoft (on March 24th 2020). Have you seen the posts? The patent number is:


Surely, you cannot be serious? (Stop calling me Shirley.)

We’re in serious sh*t here.


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  3. cdsmiller17 says:

    “Biblical” has entered the vocabulary of the MSM: now they’re discussing the idea that there will be a lack of food, bordering on famine. Fear-mongering.


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