Connecting the Dots


Everything You Need to Know but have Never been Told

More like, everything he’s told us before but now all in one big book.

David Icke seems angry. I suspect it’s because he’s been saying basically the same thing for almost 30 years and no one is paying attention. But they are, they are, David!

The Hidden Hand that has been spinning the Spider’s web is becoming more and more obvious. Plus, it helps that David has been telling us about this plot to enslave mankind since he ‘woke up’. (See my previous post here.)

But this enslavement is so insidious, we have bought into it without realizing what will happen.

Some Little Clues from Other Sources

Dan Brown, in his book Origin, made the connection that humans were being turned into hybrids, with Artificial Intelligence as the driving force. Only Humanism could combat this divide and conquer strategy, not science and not religion. In fact, as David Icke suggests, science and religion are just two sides of the same coin: limited awareness.

The Crossing TV show attempted to show us the tyranny of a future ‘augmented’ species.


Those that were fleeing a future where things had gone so wrong were showing up like asylum seekers from another country.

Even Fringe showed what happens when you take the emotions out of a human being.

In each case, science fiction/fantasy is used to get past our censors.

How Is This Even Possible?!

There are several ways that we are being bombarded even as we share this blog. The news is full of conflict: male vs. female; white vs. multicultural society; ‘normal’ vs. counterculture. Even straight vs. gay is part of this divide. Which side do you belong to?

Then there’s the opioid crisis, which is Big Pharma’s way of getting us addicted to painkillers. And now some areas have legalized marijuana. (Chill out, mate…)

But the clincher is our addiction to, and constant connection with, the Internet. We may all be sitting at the dinner table at the same time, but we’re most likely on our ‘smart’ phones and tablets, surfing the Net, or sharing on the Social Network. We’re being estranged from our families, and having our thinking influenced. Politics, anyone? 

David’s Advice: Time to grow up


“I have a simple philosophy to end all racism and all the reverse-racism cover-ups of the consequences of mass migration. Let us form our opinions with regard to everyone by the criteria of what they do and what they say and not by what they look like, where they come from or the god they believe in or don’t. How about that? It is a novel idea, I know, that we actually treat everyone the same. Who could argue with that? Well, the reverse-racist authorities and progressives can for a start. Treating everyone the same must not be allowed because there is an agenda here in which the migrants and the indigenous population of Europe are both pawns. A bigger ratio of migrants committing crime and sexual assaults in some countries would spoil the narrative and so those facts must be suppressed. Equality is not what this is all about but it is the only way that it is going to be resolved. Migrants and not just the indigenous population need to look in the mirror and have some self-reflection. Those migrants that seek to Islamise the countries where they settle, replace the indigenous culture and disrespect women are going to face gathering anger and resentment, which is what the El-lite are planning on in a violence-fest of divide and rule. I would be saying the same the other way round if the West sought to Christianise the Islamic world like it once did.

“Remember the fantastic way that people of all races, religions and backgrounds came together in mutual support, respect and grief in the wake of the shocking fire at the London tower block in June 2017 which killed and injured so many. Who cared then about someone’s religion or race? They were just people in different coloured skins and with different beliefs facing the same nightmare. Everything else becomes irrelevant. This happens because mutual tragedy brings home what really matters and it isn’t race or religion and all the fault-lines that are used to divide us. What matters is to love each other, care for and respect each other. Everything else is illusion. We need this mutual respect — and I mean mutual — and expanded perspective if the El-lite racial and religious agenda is to be thwarted. If this doesn’t happen, white, black, brown, Christian, Muslim, Jew and Hindu will all be enslaved by enslaving each other.” (pages 528-9)

The Zionist Plot


David Icke has a favourite ‘bugbear’: Zionism. Most everyone he names in this book as part of the plot to take over control of the world has the word Zionist added to emphasize his point. It gets a bit tedious after a while, but is the main reason for his writing.

For years, I’ve pondered the idea that someone from the future went back in time to a wandering tribe called Hebrews. ‘They’ dictated a text (the first five books of the Old Testament, also known as the Torah) to their ‘chosen people’. The purpose of that text was to hide in plain sight something that could only be understood when computers finally came on the scene. In recent years this was known as the Bible Code.

Bob Lazar also noted that the Extraterrestrials (ETs) had a document that advised of ways to keep our ‘containers’ pure. I suspect this is the real reason for the Torah. Have you ever thought about why the Hebrews were meant to stay racially “pure”? It takes on The Crossing/Fringe dynamic, doesn’t it?

The State of Israel is in a constant state of fear of being invaded/threatened by their Arabic neighbours. Anti-Semitic behaviour is frowned upon and called out, no matter where it comes from. And the West seems to be their only friends. That speaks volumes.

The One World Government that is being promoted everywhere seems to be the whole point of war and conflict. Even Armageddon is going to be centred on Israel. Has this been known forever? Perhaps.


David Icke wants us to wake up. He hopes that by connecting the dots, we will see the forest, instead of the twigs. If we don’t, there will come a time, soon, when it will be too late.

Read the book, folks. The worst that can happen is already taking place. Connect the dots:


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  1. Jamie best says:

    Another well presented review thanks Chris – always enjoy reading your views – as you say David Icke has been saying the same thing through so many books now, but the questioning and awareness has certainly been raised, with so many others relating the same information, in their own characterful ways. Many thanks again for your help with the book (which is now on Amazon) – Best wishes to you

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