Crossing Dimensions



Last night’s dream was probably influenced by the new television show “The Crossing” but it hearkened back to “Fringe” in effect.

Once the dimensions began to open up, the show had a building that was a ‘no man’s land’ between them. If a character wanted to visit the other side, they would walk through this building.

In my dream, there was a similar building, but this one had elevators and stairs as well. When I went through it, I felt stronger, healthier, and, above all, more me.

Olivia’s Fringe


In the show, Olivia met up with her ‘other’ dimensional self. To differentiate, the producers gave Olivia2 a fringed hairdo. That way, we would always know which one we were watching.

In my dream, there was only one ‘real’ me. Only I could tell in which dimension I was by how I felt. There was no ‘other’ version, just a better one.

The reason for going back and forth between the two dimensions seemed to hinge on rescuing a friend who was in trouble. She was locked up somewhere and couldn’t communicate with the outside world. I believe it was my intention to somehow use the inter-dimensional building to ‘spirit’ her away.

One Close Encounter

I met up with another woman when I came back to this ‘normal’ dimension. At first, she hadn’t realized I was there, until I blew on her cheek. Was I invisible to everyone else? I think so. This woman was familiar to me in the dream. I suspect she’s someone I know in real life.

She said to me, “Why have you come back? There’s no money here and you were much better off there.”

She was right, of course, but I felt it was my duty to return.


Normally, I don’t need to interpret my dreams because I see them as working out problems or trying ‘what-ifs’. This one felt quite different.

In the end, I’ve decided that it was a metaphor for Reincarnation.

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