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I Had a Dream of Working as a Car Salesman

Low Man on the Totem Pole OK. As far as dreams are concerned, last night’s was one of the busiest I can ever remember. But what was funny about it was that it wasn’t busy in the car dealership, so … Continue reading

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Message From The Universe?

Chris, Mind Your Own…

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Toyota Corolla: My New Big Brother?

We were driving to Kitchener and back on Saturday when I saw a message similar to the one above. I say similar, because this is evidently the American version. Mine said: Would you like to take a break? Wow, at … Continue reading

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School Bus Close Call II

The Boxed White Truck My nemesis on the road yesterday is quite nondescript. It just goes to show me that maybe white is the new black. I don’t know anything except that an astrological analysis of the near miss reveals … Continue reading

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Old Friends: not a merger, but an alliance

Ford and Volkswagen First Ford announced that they weren’t going to make any more sedan cars. Then there were rumours about a merger with Volkswagen. Finally, they announced yesterday that Ford and VW would form an ‘alliance’ to build cars … Continue reading

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Car as Metaphor

Vanishing Point (1971) Some movies don’t make sense, at least, not until many years later. Vanishing Point is one such film. You need to think of the car as a vehicle for the soul to understand its meaning. 1970 Dodge … Continue reading

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The Moment I Realized…

Adults Don’t See the Same Things Children Do In the mid-50’s we had a 1951 Chevy. These days I’m not sure which model it was (it looked like the picture above), but we had it from 1955-1960. Then something went … Continue reading

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Don’t Accept Any Favours

From Insurance Juniors The final part of the Limey story involves getting a payout from our insurance company, CAA (Canadian Automobile Association). As you may remember, our 2011 Ford Fiesta caught fire due to a mechanical failure. That was on … Continue reading

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Bye Bye, Limey

All We Wanted was a Coffee I got the bright idea yesterday to suggest going into town for a coffee at Williams today. Susan said, “Sure!” So we set out this morning, without a clue of what was to occur. … Continue reading

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My First Car: 1970 Ford Maverick

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