School Bus Close Call II


The Boxed White Truck

My nemesis on the road yesterday is quite nondescript. It just goes to show me that maybe white is the new black. I don’t know anything except that an astrological analysis of the near miss reveals that it may have been a potential exit for me from this life.

The Chart


Lately, I’ve been looking at inconjuncts having hidden meaning in the charts I’ve been doing. This one is no different, especially as the components for the resulting Finger of God seem ‘deeper’ and ‘darker’ than usual. The base is my natal sextile between Neptune and Pluto showing up in this combination chart as a sextile between the ‘event’ Moon and my ‘natal’ Pluto (because the Moon is transiting my Neptune). My Neptune and my Pluto are both inconjunct the ‘event’ Neptune, which gives this configuration the feeling of a ‘veiled’ threat. And to make this point, more pointed, my natal Moon is inconjunct the ‘event’ Mars (as an ’emotional accident’).

The ‘event’ Ascendant at 8º Virgo had just transited my 9th House cusp, my ‘natural’ checkout point. That shows me, as far as fatal accidents can go, this near miss could have been my final ‘event’ of this life. But it can also be a ‘wake up’ call because Pluto is transiting my Mercury. So that is what I’m going to take away from this incident.

Pluto Conjunct Mercury (from Robert Hand’s Planets in Transit)

In many respects this will be an educational time in your life. Your ideas and opinions on many issues may change radically from what they have been in the past. Or you may become involved in persuading others to adopt your views. In either case, all thought, communication and exchange with others will take on great significance and intensity.

Your concern for truth is deepened during this transit. You want to get to the bottom of any issue that concerns you, letting nothing stand in your way. Obviously this is a good transit for any kind of research or investigation, particularly if you are investigating something hidden or secret. Your perception is sharpened so that you can see the facts more clearly and take advantage of your knowledge.

At its best, this transit can bring you tremendous new understanding about life, if you are flexible enough to learn at all times, even when you are the teacher. Flexibility is very important, because the greatest danger of this transit is that without it you can be victimized by an obsession or fanatical ideal. Then you will only find yourself in furious struggles with others who regard you as a threat that must be curbed.



In 2001, I predicted that I would die when I was 69. The basis for that idea was the timing of Pluto in my chart. However, it turns out I had miscalculated the distance that Pluto was from my Ascendant and overshot the mark by two-to-three years. In other words, my Pluto ‘moment’ happened a couple of years ago.

At the same time, Final Destination put out an interactive segment on its DVD. Asking very few questions, and not even when you were born, it then predicted your date of death. My was December 7th, 2019, which kinda freaked me out since it fit in with the supposed Pluto ‘event’. But the upside was that I lived almost 18 years without fear.

Now I have to ask myself: was the school bus my close call?

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