School Bus Close Call


Stop When the Red Lights are Flashing

It’s not a difficult law: perhaps a little bit frustrating when you want to get to your destination a bit quicker; but rules are rules, right?

Today’s close call came without warning. We were driving to Barrie for an appointment, and because of the time of day, there were a number of school buses in front of us.

Behind us was a box truck which seemed to be all over the road. Perhaps the driver was texting, but the one thing I was sure of was that he was distracted.

The school bus stopped, and let off a couple of kids. The driver behind brought his truck to a stop, too. Then we all started off again, when the flashing red lights were turned off.

However, we didn’t go very far before the school bus stopped again. I slowed down, but the driver behind mustn’t have seen the flashing red lights again, because he continued speeding up. Suddenly he veered to the right to avoid running into us, coming to a halt almost level with us. I had thought, for a second, that he was going to barrel on through the children exiting from the school bus. But before he got that far, it looked like he was going to run into the back of our car. To avoid that, I moved us slightly to the left to keep us safe. Thankfully, no harm came to anyone, but I think it shook that truck driver up.

Accidents happen. I get that, but I just wish that other drivers would pay attention when they’re behind the wheel. Inattention and distraction are deadly for everyone. So…

Stop when the red lights are flashing. Is that too much to ask?

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