What Really Happened to Jesus After the Crucifixion?

Chapter 24: The Empty Tomb

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So there was a Passover Plot after all! Through the magic of hypnotic regression, we have been allowed to know what really happened, as described in this book.

Eyewitness accounts of the secrets of the mystery school of the Essenes at Qumran; and Jesus’ and Joseph of Arimathea’s connection with the Essenes. The information was gained through regressive hypnosis, conducted by Joanna Prentis.


(To simplify matters, I shall be quoting part of the chapter here..).

In the Interlife sessions with Daniel we were able to get more information on the events surrounding the crucifixion. I began by asking Daniel if he had investigated the drama around the crucifixion after his own death.

Daniel: Of course! The first question I asked when I woke up in the Interlife was, “What happened to Jesus? ” I remember they laughed, the ones assigned to help me. They said, “All the Essenes are asking us this! Be patient, you will know soon enough. ” And indeed through the Angelic Record I was able to review it all.

After Jesus was taken down from the cross it was clear that he was far out of his body, for he did not move at all. I saw him being placed in the tomb, and the great stone being rolled across the entrance. Then I saw the Light around Jesus increase greatly. One part of that Light rose and ascended into the heavens, but the other part continued to focus around the body.

Then I learned how well the core group had prepared for it all. His tomb wasn’t really a tomb at all, but a healing chamber. If it was widely known that he had survived, there would have been many out looking for him, and not with good intent. So what appeared to be a tomb was a chamber into which healers could enter to do their healing.

Joanna: But surely the entrance to the tomb was sealed with a large stone and there were soldiers guarding it. How could anyone have got into the tomb to do the healing?

Daniel: (with a chuckle) More easily than you might think! The Essenes had constructed a tunnel leading from the back of the tomb and running some distance underground to Joseph’s house which was nearby. It was cut through the rock for a little way and then sloped down into the earth. One could walk along this tunnel, not at full height but stooping a little. It went through the earth, and then led up into a space behind the tomb. The door into the tomb was cleverly made of thick wood, but the outer side of it, which would be visible to anyone standing inside the tomb, was treated so that it looked like rock.

The door fitted into slots so that as you went down the tunnel towards the tomb the door had to be lifted up in these slots, and then it could be pulled out and laid on one side. You could then crawl through a hole into the tomb itself. So even if someone stood inside the tomb with the door in place, they would see only rock.

The door and the tunnel were skillfully done, but remember that much time was available to prepare the tomb. We knew the Teacher would come, and would go through a ritual death experience, so the need for the tomb to act as a healing chamber was clear from the beginning. Under the direction of the Kaloo and the core group our people simply worked towards that need. It was a secret operation, of course. All the work had to be done most secretly, and very few even of the Essene Brotherhood knew about it. Certainly whilst I was living I heard no whisper of it. It must have been the most secret project in the whole of our land.

Stuart Wilson. The Essenes: Children of the Light (Kindle Locations 1396-1416). Kindle Edition.

Now, on its own, this sounds like a fantasy. But I also read here about the Essenes not being allowed to ‘distant view’ the events in the tomb, because it had to remain a secret.

Two thousand years after the fact, new light is shed on Christ’s hidden life as an initiate in the mystical society of the Essene Brotherhood. In the first English-language edition of the European bestseller, Anne and Daniel Meurois-Givaudan describe the way of life in the Essene communities of first-century Palestine. Through direct revelation, the authors received–over a two-year period–detailed knowledge of the Essene teachings and their role in preparing Christ for his mission. At once unpretentious and astonishing, this beautifully written and evocative story lucidly recreates the life and personality of Christ and his role in the spiritual development of humankind.

Since the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, questions continue to arise as to the identity of the Essenes and what role they might have played in the life of Jesus. This account complements the gospels, clarifying and enlarging upon mysterious parts of the record–including Christ’s mystical and metaphysical teachings of Essene techniques for spiritual advancement. The authors’ retelling of the Passion of Christ and its aftermath is an extraordinary account that may forever reshape our understanding of these biblical events.

Synopsis (from Abebooks.com)

So, just to be clear, if two different books using two different methods of reviewing the Akashic Records say essentially the same thing, I am most likely to believe them.

Amen, again.

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