What Happened When a Revolution was “Stolen”

June Rebellion (June 5-6, 1832)

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Paris is a hotbed of rebellion: always was; always will be. The French Republic took more than 45 years to finally settle into the permanent version we know today. This skirmish was romanticized in the Victor Hugo book, Les Misérables.

The republicans were led by secret societies formed of the most determined and ferocious members of their movement. These groups planned to provoke riots similar to those that had led to the 1830 July Revolution against the ministers of Charles X. The “Society of the Rights of Man” was one of the most instrumental. It was organized like an army, divided into sections of twenty members each (to evade the law that forbade the association of more than twenty persons), with a president and vice president for each section.

The republican conspirators made their move at the public funeral of General Lamarque on 5 June. Groups of demonstrators took charge of the cortege and redirected it to the Place de la Bastille, where the Revolution had begun in 1789.

Parisian workers and local youth were reinforced by Polish, Italian and German refugees, who had fled to Paris in the aftermath of crackdowns on republican and nationalist activities in their various homelands. They gathered around the catafalque on which the body rested. Speeches were made about Lamarque’s support for Polish and Italian liberty, of which he had been a strong advocate in the months before his death. When a red flag bearing the words La Liberté ou la Mort (“Liberty or Death“) was raised, the crowd broke into disorder and shots were exchanged with government troops. The Marquis de Lafayette, who had given a speech in praise of Lamarque, called for calm, but the outbreak spread.

The subsequent uprising put the roughly 3,000 insurgents in control of much of the eastern and central districts of Paris, between Chatelet, the Arsenal and the Faubourg Saint-Antoine, for one night. Cries were heard that the rioters would sup at the Tuileries Palace that evening. However, the rebellion failed to spread further.

During the night of 5–6 June the 20,000 part-time militia of the Paris National Guard were reinforced by about 40,000 regular army troops under the command of the Comte de Lobau. This force occupied the peripheral districts of the capital.

The insurgents made their stronghold in the Faubourg Saint-Martin, in the historic city center. They built barricades in the narrow streets around rue Saint-Martin and rue Saint-Denis.

On the morning of 6 June the last rebels were surrounded at the intersection of rues Saint-Martin and Saint-Merry. At this point Louis-Philippe decided to show himself in the streets to confirm that he was still in control of the capital. Returning to Paris from Saint-Cloud, he met his ministers and generals at the Tuileries and declared a state of siege, then rode through the area of the rising, to the applause of the troops.

The final struggle came at the Cloître Saint-Merry, where fighting continued until the early evening of 6 June. Total casualties in the rising were about 800. The army and national guard lost 73 killed and 344 wounded; on the insurgent side there were 93 killed and 291 wounded. The forces of the insurrection were spent.

Insurrections (from Wikipedia)

I have set the time for 12:00 noon as this would have been the hour when the funeral procession started. There are three inconjuncts, only one of which is dependent on the time being correct. That conjunction between the Moon and the Ascendant in Virgo is significant, too. These kinds of events don’t happen if the people aren’t behind them.

Moon Inconjunct Pluto

This aspect means that your emotions are very intense and not always easy to deal with. Often your feelings make you want to do or say something without knowing why. Also you may have very intense moods in which you withdraw from those around you into a world of your own. This should not be a very serious problem unless you have been brought up to have all sorts of fears and worries. In that case your actions will be driven by your fears, and you may behave quite strangely. If you do not feel accepted and emotionally supported at home, you may constantly feel guilty for what you think you have done to others, or jealous that people aren’t paying enough attention to you, or generally possessive of those around you.

Saturn Inconjunct Pluto

If either of these planets is close o conjunction or opposition with the Ascendant or Midheaven, its effects can be quite strong. It signifies a feeling that you must work extremely hard merely to keep your life running smoothly on a day-to-day level. Often this aspect is associated with quite a bit of tension, especially in your muscles, but also in your emotional approach to life. You need to learn that the world is not always a place of struggle and that occasionally it is good to let go and relax. If your home life has been harsh or difficult, it will bring out the worst side of this aspect, and in time you will develop a cynical attitude toward the world in general. You will become intolerant of your own and others’ weaknesses, and you will take advantage of every opportunity, even if it means hurting someone else. But this is likely to happen only if you have not been given a reasonable break or if you haven’t been allowed to be a child, to be weak and make mistakes.

Uranus Inconjunct Ascendant

Your need to be free and do what you want is often in conflict with what others require of you and even with what you feel you ought to do. Sometimes this conflict can cause considerable physical and emotional tension. The task you face is to organize your life in a disciplined way that will enable you to satisfy your need for freedom through your everyday activities. One way to accomplish this is by figuring out your own methods of doing your work. Or your may choose to do the most interesting and exciting tasks, which are often the most difficult, so that others shy away from them. You need to be challenged by puzzles and problems in all your activities. You are not good at routines and repetitious tasks.


The parallels that run between this historical event and the ‘insurrection’ of January 6, 2021 in Washington, D.C. are many. So, the government of the United States of America must keep on its (national) guard or the Republic may end up as some other format.

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