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Does This Planet Affect Effective Communication?

Mercury Retrograde 2022 Sometimes, we need the benefit of hindsight in order to understand how certain planets work. And, having now been an astrologer for 45 years, you’d think I would consult an ephemeris to predict when something as disruptive … Continue reading

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A Meme Caught My Eye and “Fired My Imagination”

Two’s Day (Tuesday, February 22, 2022) The lining up of calendar date digits usually leaves me cold, mainly because there is no year ‘dot’, so whatever comes of looking at the symmetry of the numbers is a nonsense. But this … Continue reading

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There’s Been a Break in the Lines of Communication

Hopefully, Normal Service will Resume If you follow my posts on this ‘channel’ you may have noticed that I have been concentrating on a particular story involving a specific individual from the past. This had been at the behest of … Continue reading

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What Happened When a Revolution was “Stolen”

June Rebellion (June 5-6, 1832) Paris is a hotbed of rebellion: always was; always will be. The French Republic took more than 45 years to finally settle into the permanent version we know today. This skirmish was romanticized in the … Continue reading

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February 23, 303 AD: The Day Fascism Was Born?

The Empire Strikes Back at Christianity I’m reading a book about the New Testament, called Encountering The Manuscripts, by Phillip Comfort. There is a passage describing what Diocletian did on this day: What we do know is that by the … Continue reading

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Playing the Cards You’ve been Dealt

The Gambler This song has been running through my mind for three days now. What am I missing?

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A Day at the Vice-Principal’s Office

I’m going to share a strange memory of Mr Dryden, Vice-Principal in charge of student discipline. During my first semester in Grade 9 (1964), I was standing on the sidelines of a Vikings football game. My friend, Dennis (last name … Continue reading

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