Irony: “Are You Ghosting Your Boyfriend?”

The In Between (2022)

This film is “Ghost” for teenagers. On a whim, we watched it on Netflix last night. I’m glad we did.

The survival of consciousness after death is a fact, but is only really provable to someone who has been deeply in love with the departed individual, because LOVE NEVER DIES.

Tessa and Skylar only knew each other for 182 days before they are parted by an accident. The film opens with that tragedy, and then flashbacks to what happened from the beginning of that 6 month period. There are plenty of cultural references at the cinema that they attend during that times, including the “Ghost” poster in the concession area, but the marque titles I found significant, always.

And there is one song which was ‘theirs’ that would indicate when Skylar is around. It plays out on everyone’s cell phone during the SAT test in the gym, after Tessa’s pen draws what looks like a map on her test paper. I believe it is this one by INXS (originally heard on an 80’s mixtape in Skylar’s Jeep).

The story is bittersweet, the acting seems almost real life, and the actor who played Skylar even looks like Patrick Swayze. What more could you ask for?

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