Beauty in the Beholder’s Eye


I Feel Pretty

I wonder: was someone afraid to call this movie “I’m Beautiful”?

Because there’s no doubt in my mind that Amy Schumer is beautiful. And she’s a brilliant actress. Not once during this film event did I feel that she wasn’t being totally sincere.



Care Less/Careless

So, what happens if you bump the nonsense out of your head that you’re not as good looking as others? You suddenly see yourself in a whole new light.

But along with that, you start to care less what others think of you. In fact, you become tone deaf to the subtle putdowns, and you rise above them all.

Amy’s character, Renee Bennett also becomes careless with her friends, until she discovers that she needs them again after a second bump on the head and she thinks the magic is gone. By then it seems things have gone too far.


I Feel Pretty is a must-see for adolescent females (and sensitive males): we need to be aware that advertising programming is feeding our insecurities all the time. This is what is undermining our collective confidence to make changes in the world.

As the poster says, “Change Everything without Changing Anything.”


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