Get Out of Jail, Free Card?


College Admissions Scandal

Imagine, if you will, a world in which everyone is treated the same. Now, open your eyes and look around you: that world is not here on planet Earth!

This latest distraction from the States is a case in point. Knowing that their children were not good enough to get admitted to select colleges on their own merits, these parents resorted to greasing the wheels a little. A little? No, a lot.

But their intentions were fed by a little lie: they were told that if they donate some money to a charity that helps underprivileged  students, a way could be found to use a ‘side door’ entrance for their own children.

I can imagine that they didn’t want to know the exact details of how these side doors could be opened, but they would have understood that it wasn’t exactly kosher.

A Possible Defence

When Singer was caught doing what he does, he pleaded guilty and, to mitigate the punishment, he cooperated with the authorities by telephoning and taping the subsequent conversations with some of those parents. The purpose? To get them to admit that they knew what was happening on record.

That’s entrapment.

I’m sure that the hotshot legal teams that have been hired by these parents will shoot holes in the prosecution’s case.

It’ll be like getting a “Get Out of Jail, Free” card in Monopoly…


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