Why Speed?

highway speed

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I have often remarked, while driving in our car, that most other drivers seem to consider the speed limit a ‘minimum’, always traveling at least 10 kilometers per hour over it.

In fact, there seems to be an ‘unwritten’ law that the lane you are in dictates how slow you can go. On a three-lane highway like the 400, the right hand lane should be at least the posted speed limit of 100 km/h. The middle lane should be 5-10 kilometers per hour faster than that. And the left hand “passing” lane should be about 20 kilometers per hour over the limit.

And nothing irritates a left-lane driver more than a right-lane driver trying to pass a slow middle-lane driver, while still maintaining the speed limit. In their eyes, that is criminal behaviour.

Speed Kills

There are good reasons for speed limits.

For example, your reaction time is better at slower speeds, especially in treacherous weather conditions.

And your fuel consumption decreases when you drive slower. This point may have been the original reason why speeds were kept artificially low, even after cars became more fuel efficient.

But the most obvious reason is the most important: Speed Kills.

So why is everyone in such a hurry to die?


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